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We at Ibex Kitchen’s
take pride in delivering Authenticity

Ibex Ethiopian Kitchen is a recipient of the 2015 Judge's Choice winner held by the Gastro feast event show case. The food is one of the best in southern Florida.
come and check it out.

Favorites from the Social Media

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    Doro Wot

    Homemade Ethiopian Chicken Stew prepared with onion and mild berbere sauce, flavored butter served with mix of greens and checken..

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    IBEX Vegetarian Platter

    Combination portions of all the split peas, tomatoes, green pepers and vegetarian entrees..

  • Biret Mitad Tibs

    Chunks of beef cubes stir fried onlion & Jalapeno (if requested) over a biret mitad (Woke) and seasoned with Ibex seasoning..

  • Special KITFO

    Fresh minced lean beef, seasoned with butter and mitmita, served rare, medium or well done with dry cottage cheese and collard greens..

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    Vegiterian Sambusa

    Veg. Pastry shell filled with cabbage, carrot, onions and jalapeno pepper...

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    IBEX Salad

    IBEX Special salad with tomato, onion with a secret ibex's style dressing..

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our MENU and PRICE

We serve the most authentic Ethiopian meal in the southern hemisphere. we have lunch specials and dinner signature entrees. Check out our menu below
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Featured on the week

  • Kitfo

    $ 14.95

    Fresh minced lean beef, seasoned with butter and mitmita, served rare, medium or well done

  • Alicha Wot

    $ 13.95

    Fresh lamb meat/ribs, slow cooked with onion, curry flavored butter

  • Vigan Selection Red Lentil Miser

    $ 6.95

    Red Lentil Cooked with onions, garlic and red pepper sauce

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